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Daytime, evening and online sessions

Mirfield, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford

“Initially when we commenced the counselling sessions with my little boy I was sceptical whether they would help. I wasn’t sure if we were doing the right thing. But after only 6 sessions my little boy’s life and that of my family have changed considerably.

He has gone from a frustrated, angry and at times violent little boy to one who is much calmer and progressing really well at school. The sessions allow him to explore his feelings and find ways to express himself without frustration. Thanks to the techniques and support Bridget has given us my little boy’s life has changed so much for the better.  Thank you.”

When I asked my little boy about how he felt about coming to the sessions he said, “He likes coming to talk about how he is feeling and talking to Bridget has made him feel it is ok to be angry but it is better to be calm and that hurting people is not nice and he has a lot more friends when he is nice to people.”

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