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Recommended by a friend

Bridget was recommended to me by a friend who told me how much children love talking to her and doing activities with her, as well as how successful she has been in getting children to talk about and deal with various difficulties…..she wasn’t wrong! Bridget has a lovely, calming manner and really gets both adult and child alike to think about their words and their actions. After the sudden death of my father last year my then 8 year old son was finding things difficult to deal with and having some problems expressing his anger. So we came to see Bridget. She explained things very simply and involves me as his mum too. She gave him strategies to use if he feels himself becoming angry, as well as working on grief and loss, and focusing on the happy memories my son has of his Grandad. My son looks forward to coming to see Bridget, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering counselling.

A really good week

“We have had a really good week this week and have had a chat this morning. The difference in both of us is obvious and we both know that we want to be together, as a family. I believe these last few weeks has given us both the kick up the behind to realise we can and will get through this and that the future we have together is exactly what we want. We are both excited about what is coming our way, (in just 6 weeks..!) and we do have you to thank for that.

So again, thank you for the last few weeks and in the nicest possible way, I hope we don’t have to see you again..!!!

Things here are just perfect and without our sessions with you, the situation could have been very different. Our time with you made us both remember how much we love each other and that sometimes things just happen to test what you really have, you made us see that. We are so happy and are back enjoying each others company. “

I was sceptical

“Initially when we commenced the counselling sessions with my little boy I was sceptical whether they would help. I wasn’t sure if we were doing the right thing. But after only 6 sessions my little boy’s life and that of my family have changed considerably.

He has gone from a frustrated, angry and at times violent little boy to one who is much calmer and progressing really well at school. The sessions allow him to explore his feelings and find ways to express himself without frustration. Thanks to the techniques and support Bridget has given us my little boy’s life has changed so much for the better.  Thank you.”

When I asked my little boy about how he felt about coming to the sessions he said, “He likes coming to talk about how he is feeling and talking to Bridget has made him feel it is ok to be angry but it is better to be calm and that hurting people is not nice and he has a lot more friends when he is nice to people.”

Easy to talk to

“Me and my fiancee went to see Bridget as a couple and found her really easy to talk to, honest and a very good listener. She listened and understood both sides of our problems.

And now our relationship is better than ever. We are both now looking forward to our wedding next year. Thanks Bridget.”

Behavioural and emotional issues

“Bridget has been working with my young son, age 8, dealing with behavioural and emotional issues. It has been great to see the progress he has made over the months and how he totally trusts Bridget and is able to open up to her and confide in her.

She has given him support both in terms of exploring the root causes of his behaviour and emotional struggles and giving him practical ways to deal with his problems day-to-day. I am really pleased that my son has been lucky enough to have help from Bridget and I would happily recommend her as an excellent counsellor.”

We have our daughter back

My daughter, aged 10, came to Bridget with an OCD, borderline eating disorder and bedtime anxieties… My biggest concern was that Bridget was immediately faced with multiple problems; however she tackled each area individually, empathetically and professionally.

Within a few weeks we saw a massive change in our child and with further counselling, we now have our daughter back! We do not know where we would be now if it were not for her sensitive intervention and cannot recommend her counselling services enough!”

I wish I had found Bridget sooner!

Over a period of 8 years I had seen a couple or therapists to address issues relating to anxiety and depression.

The first therapist I had left the profession. The thought of having to start again with someone else was overwhelming so I put it off for way too long….I had no need to at all! From the first time I met Bridget I felt so at ease, it was more like chatting to a friend.

Bridget really helped me to identify the patterns of negative and self defeating thinking. This proved essential in enabling her to then work with me to develop practical strategies for loosening their grip. She is patient and compassionate while being constructively challenging when she needs to be. I found this combination of empathy and testing of my negative perceptions worked so well for me.

Even the times I felt I maybe didn’t need to see her that week I would walk away feeling so much lighter.

I understand that for anyone with anxiety the thought of seeing and speaking to someone new can be massively overwhelming but I promise, with Bridget you will feel at ease as soon as you meet her.

Helping me find myself again

All I can say is thank you so much for helping me find myself again and get my life back. I suffered with anxiety after having my babies and was so scared of not being here for them both, after suffering cancer in the family and loosing one of my best friends.

Bridget has helped me overcome my fear and also helped me to stop overthinking situations.
I am so much happier, I love life again and learnt that people who matter are the ones to spend time with.
I don’t get over stressed in situations anymore, I can go shopping without feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you for you support and giving my toolbox to deal with situations xx xxx

Forever thankful x

Also, thank you for helping me realise that I am good enough just how I am 💕 xx I’ve stopped been so harsh on myself xx