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Daytime, evening and online sessions

Mirfield, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford

Our Clients

Willow Counselling Services see individuals and couples, adults, teenagers and children. Counselling sessions can take place during the day or evening, and usually last for 1 hour. Counselling sessions take place in our private and comfortable garden room.

Private Garden Room

We also have reduced rates for students and people on certain benefits as we feel no person should be excluded for financial reasons.

We try to offer the same appointment time each week if this suits you, or we can be flexible and change weekly appointment times if this suits you better.

The first session is a chance for us to meet and see if you think we are the right people to help you.   You are welcome to go away and decide if you wish to book any further sessions. There is no obligation to return if you do not wish to.

Areas Covered

We cover Kirklees, Mirfield, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford.


We believe confidentiality is a key element in counselling and that it is very important to the counselling relationship as it promotes confidence in the client, allowing them to speak more openly and to fully explore personal difficulties often at a time when they may feel at their most vulnerable.

Everything that is discussed remains confidential between the client and the counsellor except where we feel there is a risk of serious harm.