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“We have had a really good week this week and have had a chat this morning. The difference in both of us is obvious and we both know that we want to be together, as a family. I believe these last few weeks has given us both the kick up the behind to realise we can and will get through this and that the future we have together is exactly what we want. We are both excited about what is coming our way, (in just 6 weeks..!) and we do have you to thank for that.

So again, thank you for the last few weeks and in the nicest possible way, I hope we don’t have to see you again..!!!

Things here are just perfect and without our sessions with you, the situation could have been very different. Our time with you made us both remember how much we love each other and that sometimes things just happen to test what you really have, you made us see that. We are so happy and are back enjoying each others company. “

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