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Mirfield, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford

Over a period of 8 years I had seen a couple or therapists to address issues relating to anxiety and depression.

The first therapist I had left the profession. The thought of having to start again with someone else was overwhelming so I put it off for way too long….I had no need to at all! From the first time I met Bridget I felt so at ease, it was more like chatting to a friend.

Bridget really helped me to identify the patterns of negative and self defeating thinking. This proved essential in enabling her to then work with me to develop practical strategies for loosening their grip. She is patient and compassionate while being constructively challenging when she needs to be. I found this combination of empathy and testing of my negative perceptions worked so well for me.

Even the times I felt I maybe didn’t need to see her that week I would walk away feeling so much lighter.

I understand that for anyone with anxiety the thought of seeing and speaking to someone new can be massively overwhelming but I promise, with Bridget you will feel at ease as soon as you meet her.